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Getting started

Deploy on-premise and control your data.


GoRules BRMS is a business rules management system that is used to define, deploy, execute, and maintain the variety and complexity of decision logic within an organization or enterprise

Self-hosted software provides companies with greater control and autonomy over their digital infrastructure, which can be crucial for various reasons. Firstly, security is a paramount concern for many organizations, especially those dealing with sensitive data or operating in regulated industries. By self-hosting software, companies can implement and manage their own security measures, ensuring that they meet their specific requirements and comply with industry standards. This control over security measures allows for timely updates, rapid response to emerging threats, and the ability to tailor security protocols to the unique needs of the organization.

Services overview

The GoRules BRMS consists of a single docker image gorules/brms.



Before you can use BRMS you must obtain a LICENSE_KEY. You can do that by visiting and signing up.

After signing up you will get an access to a dashboard where you can manage license keys for multiple environments.

Create a new environment by clicking Create environment button on the right. Next, enter a name for example DEV or STAGE or PROD and press Create.

My portal

As seen on the image above, upon creation you will see a new environment with the status Initial. Copy a LICENSE_KEY from the environment by un-hiding it (click eye icon), copy and add it to your environment variables.


  • Postgres DB
  • Docker linux image runner (x86_64 architecture) such as docker, docker-compose, k8s (including AKS, EKS, GKE), Azure Container Apps, Azure AppService, AWS ECS and others.
  • Environment where GoRules BRMS is hosted must have access to a License server (