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Deploy on Kubernetes

This document covers deployment process for GoRules using Kubernetes.

Supported platforms

The deployment process has been tested on:

Preparing for installation

Software requirements

To begin, install Helm on your computer and connect to your local cluster.

Minimum required versions:

  • Kubernetes - v1.16
  • Helm - v3.0.0

Infrastructure requirements

On the infrastructural level you will need:

  • Kubernetes
  • PostgreSQL Database - Any managed database service will work


Pull the Helm charts provided by GoRules engineering team locally, copy the values.yaml to my-values.yaml file and make the modifications to it.

Run the Helm installation:

helm install -f my-values.yaml gorules ./gorules

To create a separate namespace for GoRules, add --create-namespace -n gorules to the argument list.

After pods spin-up the application will be available on the selected domains.