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Version: 1.0.0



GoRules OpenAPI offers a robust and versatile solution for developers looking to implement complex rule-based logic in their applications. This API facilitates the creation, management, and execution of customizable rules, providing a dynamic way to handle decision-making processes. Its straightforward interface allows for seamless integration into existing systems, enhancing the capabilities of software applications across various domains. GoRules OpenAPI is engineered to handle a wide range of scenarios, from simple validations to intricate business rules, offering a scalable and efficient approach to rule management.

Personal Access Token (PAT)

To maintain security and integrity, GoRules OpenAPI employs a comprehensive authentication mechanism. Users are required to authenticate using PAT.

  1. Sign-in to BRMS environment
  2. Go to Profile > Generate token
  3. Enter note, select expiry, tick All projects and in permissions tick Releases, click Create
  4. Upon creation copy token as it will not be visible anymore

You will need to create PAT for each environment e.g. dev, uat, prod.

Get ProjectID

  1. Sign-in to BRMS environment
  2. Enter project
  3. In a browser you will see project URI for example:

Copy UUID from URI

Generate Project Token - for evaluation API

  1. Sign-in to BRMS environment
  2. Join a project
  3. Go to Settings > Security
  4. Click Generate token, enter name in the dialog and press Create
  5. Copy token

This token can only be used for evaluation. You will need to generate Project Token for each project separately.


Personal access token is obtained through your profile

Security Scheme Type:


HTTP Authorization Scheme: