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Kubernetes with Helm

Deploy on Kubernetes in a few simple steps

This document covers deployment process for GoRules BRMS on Kubernetes.


To begin, install Helm on your computer and connect to your cluster.

  • Helm 3 (>=3.8)
  • Kubernetes (1.2x+)
    • Nodes - linux OS and x86_64 architecture
    • Minimum 1GB RAM and 0.5 vCPU
  • Postgres DB
  • License Key obtained from


  1. Download values.yaml
  2. Rename file to my-values.yaml.
  3. Replace variables such as appUrl and licenseKey with your values
  4. Fill in the Postgres connection details


After configuring my-values.yaml file you can install GoRules BRMS by running:

helm install my-gorules-brms oci:// -f my-values.yaml

You can also install specific version by adding --version 1.6.0 before -f my-values.yaml


For operational environments we are suggesting setting up ingress

Test installation

For testing purposes you can forward the port for testing:

kubectl port-forward services/my-gorules-brms 4200:80

BRMS will be available on http://localhost:4200. In the real environment, you should also set ingress on a proper URL.


You can upgrade version by running:

helm upgrade my-gorules-brms oci:// --version x.x.x -f my-values.yaml

Replace --version x.x.x with actual number such as --version 1.6.0


Multi architecture node pools

If you are running multi architecture node pools you can force Linux OS and x86_64 architecture by modifying nodeSelector inside my-values.yaml file to:

nodeSelector: amd64 linux

Next, perform helm upgrade....