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Audit log

Track changes made within the system.

GoRules automatically logs actions which happen within the system. They are stored within the Audit log tab on the dashboard which can be accessed by owners.


By default, audit logs are retained forever.

Audit logs

To view extended details of each audit log, you may click on it. It will present you with information such as:

  • Actor - User who triggered the change
  • Timestamp - Indicates when the change was made
  • Reference/Project - Available in some cases, references the resource which has been changed
  • Actor's IP address
  • Actor's user agent
  • Data - JSON Raw data which was mutated (depending on scenario)

Audit log inspect

List of tracked events‚Äč

The following events are tracked within the system (CUD stands for Create/Update/Destroy):

  1. Users
    • CUD operations
    • Forgotten password
    • Sign up - creation of initial user
    • Password reset
  2. User groups
    • CUD operations
  3. Access tokens
    • CUD operations (update is not possible)
  4. Projects
    • CUD operations
    • Soft delete and restore
  5. Documents
    • CUD operations
    • Soft delete and restore
    • Historic version restore
  6. Environments
    • CUD operations
  7. Release
    • CUD operations (update is not possible)
    • Deployments