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Organize your decisions using a document management system.

Document management system allows you to organize your decisions and files using folders, similarly to how you would on your desktop. Documents may be deleted and restored using the Bin functionality.

There are two types of documents:

  • Directories - Organisational, may contain child documents
  • Decision files - Decision model files

You can switch between the grid view and list view by clicking in the top right corner.

Document view switch

Internal document types

Refer to a table below for the list of internal document types.

DecisionDecisionDecision modeling

Create a document

To create a document:

  1. Navigate to a project
  2. Click on New button within the documents section
  3. Select one of the options from the dropdown
  4. Depending on the selected option
    • Fill in the details and confirm
    • Select files or folders from your computer

Open a document

Documents can be opened by double-clicking on them. Alternatively, you may right-click on them and open them in a new tab.

Rename a document


Renaming a document changes its key. This can break existing references in decisions and content.

To rename a document:

  1. Right click on the document you want to rename
  2. Enter a new name
  3. Confirm the changes

Delete a document

To delete a document:

  1. Right click on the document you want to delete
  2. Press Move to bin
  3. Confirm the action

Restore a document

To restore a document:

  1. Navigate to Bin from the project side menu
  2. Right click on the document(s) you want to restore
  3. Choose the path for restoring documents - by default they will be restored back into their original path
  4. Confirm the action

View a document across environments

A project can be deployed to multiple environments (publish instances). Each environment can contain a copy of the documents (provided that everything is synced).

To copy an external link to a document:

  1. Right click on the document
  2. Hover over Copy link
  3. Choose a link you'd like to copy

Note that, if you are copying a link from another environment, it is not guaranteed that the environment will have the same document (as the releases may be out of sync).