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Build beautiful decisions using graphs.

Decisions are stateless systems represented using acyclic graphs. As such, they persist any information between runs. Graphs are built using nodes and edges. Each node may be connected to another using an edge. Edges are used to pass the data from one node to another (left-side to right-side).

Depending on the node specification it may support an input connection (left-side), and output connection (right-side) or both.


Nodes may have multiple connection on both inputs and outputs, this will cause data to be merged during processing.

Each graph must start with an input node and end with an output node. Input node contains all data sent in the context of the request body, and output returns it.

Creating a decision

Decision is stored within a document, and the procedure is the same.

Modifying a decision

Modifying a deicision is done in 2 modes:

  • Graph edit - allows you to add, move and remove graph elements (nodes and edges)
  • Content edit - allows you to edit content of each node (add new decision logic, edit functions, etc.)

Graph edit mode

To start modifying a decision in the graph edit mode:

  1. Open a decision document
  2. Click on Edit graph in the top right corner

Graph edit view consists of:

  • Graph tree (left) - list of all nodes and edges
  • Canvas (middle) - preview and modify the graph
  • Node selection - draggable nodes and form for editing existing nodes

Adding nodes

To add a node to the screen drag and drop it from the right side onto the canvas.

Connecting nodes

Nodes can be connected while you are in edit graph mode. To connect nodes, drag the edge from one node to the edge of another node. Node inputs (right side) can only be connected to node outputs (right side) and vice versa.

Modifying nodes

Some nodes (such as functions and decision tables) contain optional name and description. To modify them, select the desired node, and on the right side for will appear where you can modify these values.

Deleting nodes and edges


You may select multiple nodes and edges by holding down button on your keyboard.

To delete a nodes or an edges, select them and press or the delete button on the right side.

Copying node

To copy a node or nodes simply select nodes and either press or Copy on the right side.

To paste a nodes, press or Paste button.

Note: Nodes can be copied across projects and decisions.

Content edit mode

To navigate to content edit mode open a decision or if you are already in the graph edit mode click Confirm in the top right corner.

Content edit view consists of:

  • Graph tree (left) - list of all nodes and edges
  • Canvas and tabs (middle) - preview and modify node's content
  • Simulator - simulate the decision using JSON data

Edit node content


Not all nodes are editable, those that are will have clear indicators.

Click on the link within a node you would like to edit. This will be indicated with a clear action text such as Open. This will open the node in the new editor tab, and from there you may edit the content of the node.

Follow the documentation on each node type to learn more about their content.

Saving a decision

To save your changes:

  1. Click on the Confirm button in the top right
  2. Press Save draft or Save and publish button