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Map objects with ease using ZEN Expression language.

The Expression node serves as a tool for transforming input objects into alternative objects using the Zen Expression Language. When specifying the output properties, each property requires a separate row.

Expression node

Rows are defined by two fields:

  • Key - qualified name of the output property
  • Value - value expressed through the Zen Expression Language

Any errors within the Expression node will bring the graph to a halt.

Modifying Expression Node

Adding row

We can start adding expressions by pressing plus (+ Add Row) button. Editing Key or Value is done by selecting a cell or if cell is already selected, by typing a value.

Reordering rows

Rows can be reordered by dragging the row on it's index (left-side) and dropping it in a desired place.

Deleting row

Deleting a row is done by pressing (-) and then pressing Remove in popover.